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June 2018
Very few objects can give us so many insights into the history of their production and purpose. These unrecorded Delft Pilgrim bottles tell of a royal diplomatic commission, international intrigues in Europe. Read More
An important and beautiful document in the development of overglaze petit feu decoration on Delft, close to but different to the decoration associated with the Hoppesteyn family in Het Moriaanshooft. Perhaps a link to Jeremias Godtling at the Hague? Read More
From his first years at Chelsea, perhaps the Flemish sculptor, Joseph Willem's most beautiful creation. Taken from and Engraving 'Le Merite de tout pais', by the engraver Francois Antoine Aveline after Francois Boucher. Read More
Arguably Joseph Willem's most moving and ambitious work at Chelsea, a Pieta for a recusant Catholic family. The last in private hands. Read More
The perils of gambling brought vividly to life by the great chronicler of Neapolitan life, the sculptor Guiseppe Gricci. Read More
The Persian response to treasured imports of Chinese porcelain in the Safavid period, 17th Century. Read More
Modelled by Arthur Storch for the ' Porzellan-Palais' at the Leipzig Fair in 1921, versions of these fabulous beasts decorated the First Class Lounge of the SS Bremen on her maiden voyage in 1929. Read More
A dish ordered from Meissen by the French Merchant Rudolph Lemaire to sell in Paris as true Japanese Kakiemon. Confiscated and incorporated into the collection it became the source for the earliest large royal service. Read More
The age and attribution of our North Netherlandish jug dated 1558 has been augmented by science, confirming is as apparently the earliest dated piece of tin-glazed earthenware from the Northern Netherlands.
A Thermoluminescence Analysis by Oxford Authentication (No. N118d42) is consistent with the date 1558.
An analysis of the body composition by Dennis Braekmans of the Cranfield Forensic Institute indicates tha the clay used is not from the Antwerp Area and is consistent with the North Netherlands.
Masterpiece 2018, June 28 - July 4
Please come and join us at Masterpiece. collect your free ticket here, quoting the code JKPR80.
Dame Rosalind Savill - How to Look at Ceramics
On July 4 at 4pm, Dame Rosalind Savill, former Director of the Wallace Collection, will be hosting short talks and a discussion with Errol Manners, Adrian Sassoon and Kate Malone on different ways to look at ceramics.
Porcelain Circling the globe - The Dresden Conference
A gathering of 300 Scholars, students and enthusiasts from around the world came to celebrate the project lead by Prof Dr Christiaan Jorg to classify the huge holdings of Asian Ceramics and to collate them with the historic inventories. A triumph for Julia Weber and her fantastic team at the porcelain Sammlung Staatliche Kuunstsammlung Dresden
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