Selected Sold Items

Sold A Meissen Böttger Porcelain Teabowl Painted by Ignaz Preissler
Sold A Large Meissen Octagonal Charger from the Christie-Miller Service
Sold An Alcora Barber’s Bowl
Sold Vincennes <i>gobelet Hébert</i> and saucer of the third size
Sold A Villeroy Figure of a Seated Chinese Man
Sold A small Japanese octagonal Kakiemon bowl
Sold A Sèvres yellow-ground teapot and cover, <i>théière litron</i>,
Sold A Sèvres green-ground tea caddy ‘<i>bôite à thé</i>’
Sold A Pair of Alcora Faience Plaques
Sold A Delft Hoppestyn Teapot and cover, Het Moriaenshooft (The Moor’s Head) Factory...
Sold An Exceptional and Unrecorded  Pair of Cozzi  white porcelain groups representin...
Sold A Kakiemon Eight-Petalled Dish

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