"Now is the time the Reepers Sweat, the Corn is Ripe and must Be Cut, then fill me full with Good Strong Bear for that is Good your harts to Chare... John Briant 1771". Read More
Decorated with panoramic views of the Bay of Naples, this ecuelle records the combined fleets of Naples, Spain and Malta returning from battle with the Barbary pirates of Algiers. Read More
A recently discovered St James' (Girl-in-a-Swing) group, with a provenance to the 18th century. Read More
Water creatures moulded from life around a central serpent, from the school of Bernard Palissy. Read More
Buildings painted by Ignaz Preissler (in this case on a Chinese beaker decorated c. 1720) are often taken from engravings and are occasionally identifiable. A bottle of good whisky to anyone who can help us find this one.
So many reasons for ceramic enthusiasts to come to London in June, and we are working hard to put together our most exciting offering ever for our first Masterpiece fair.

Whilst we are away Juno Antiques will celebrate their 10th anniversary by holding a selling exhibition 'Kensington - The Heart of Ceramics' in our shop from Tuesday 27 June - Saturday 1 July.