With its detailed vignettes, vibrant colour palate and tooled gilding inside and out, this is an exceptionally rich Meissen ecuelle. Said to have been a gift from the Legitimist pretender to the throne of France to his chamberlain in the 19th century. Read More
A bucolic scene of Valencian rural life, bordered by a sinister scorpion and a dragonfly being eaten by a spider combine to make this a particularly imaginative Alcora barber's bowl. Read More
There is a warmth and a playfulness to Neapolitan classical ornament, especially when combined with a Renaissance epic like Orlando Furioso. Read More
Rare to find contemporary London life depicted in Bow porcelain. A Thames Waterman, once such a feature of city life, their descendants still wear the same uniforms on ceremonial occasions. Read More
A mystery piece! We are calling out to anyone who can help us identify the maker or origin of this piece. A bottle of champagne to anyone who sets us off in the right direction!
We are very excited to be joining Masterpiece in 2017 after many happy years exhibiting at the International Ceramic Fair and latterly at Art Antiques London. In its glory days the Ceramics Fair, created by Brian and Anna Haughton, was an unrivalled gathering of ceramic enthusiasts which did so much to foster scholarship and friendship. We look forward to seeing all our friends and colleagues in the summer