A Nymphenburg coffee pot, described by Siegfried Ducret as being 'unsurpassed in both color and design'. Read More
Birmingham Porcelain?

An unrecorded
Compass-Marked' bird.
One of the last great mysteries of early English porcelain, and the only marked example to have been on the market in the last 80 years. Read More
Professor Ohashi Koji and Sakaida Kakiemon XV
at the Somlyo Exhibition at Christies
A fascinating day lecturing on the European response to Japanese porcelain with Sakaida Kakiemon XV, Professors Ohashi Koji and Nicole Rousmaniere at the Christies study day at the exhibition of the Somlyo collection last month.
A Pair Tonalá Vases and Covers, Second half of the 17th century, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Errol will be lecturing on "The Mysterious World of Redwares" at the Northern Ceramic Society, Manchester, on 30 January tracing their history from ancient times through China, Mexico and Europe.